Bold & Beautiful: Top 10 Names for Black Labrador Males

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Names For Black Labrador Male

Names For Black Labrador Male


Choosing the perfect name for your new black Labrador male can be an exciting yet challenging task. Your furry friend deserves a name that reflects his unique personality and characteristics. To help you in this endeavor, we have compiled a list of ten amazing names that are sure to suit your black Labrador perfectly!

1. Midnight

This name is inspired by the beautiful dark coat of your black Labrador. Midnight captures the essence of their mysterious and elegant nature. It’s a name that exudes strength and poise, making it a great choice for your beloved companion.

2. Shadow

Shadow is a fitting name for a black Labrador as it represents their ability to blend effortlessly into the darkness. This name symbolizes their agile and stealthy nature, making it an ideal choice for a pup who loves to play hide-and-seek or enjoys sneaking up on you!

3. Bear

With their solid build and powerful presence, black Labradors often resemble bears. This name not only emphasizes their physical attributes but also portrays their friendly and affectionate temperament. Bear is a strong and endearing name for your furry friend.

4. Jet

Just like a jet zooming through the sky, your black Labrador is known for their incredible speed and agility. This name encompasses their energetic and lively nature, making it a perfect fit for a pup who loves to run, play fetch, and chase after toys.

5. Onyx

Derived from a precious gemstone, Onyx is a name that indicates the rarity and beauty of your black Labrador. It showcases their shiny black coat and elegant demeanor. This name is ideal for a pup who exudes grace and charm.

6. Thunder

If your black Labrador has a booming bark that can be heard from miles away, Thunder might be the perfect name. This name suits their strong and powerful vocal abilities, highlighting their protective nature. Thunder is an excellent choice for a pup who always keeps an eye out for intruders!

7. Ace

Ace represents excellence and mastery, which perfectly encapsulates your black Labrador’s intelligence and trainability. This name is fitting for a pup who quickly learns new tricks and commands. Ace is an ideal choice for a companion who is always eager to please.

8. Diesel

This name suits a black Labrador with boundless energy and enthusiasm. Just like the powerful engine of a diesel truck, your pup possesses incredible strength and endurance. Diesel is a name that reflects their robust and lively personality.

9. Coal

Coal is an excellent name for a black Labrador, as it reflects their deep black coat color. This name symbolizes their natural beauty and unique appearance. Coal is a simple yet striking name that will make your pup stand out from the pack.

10. Hunter

Black Labradors have a strong hunting instinct, making them excellent companions for outdoor adventures. Hunter is a name that embodies their love for exploring, sniffing out trails, and chasing after prey. This name is perfect for an adventurous and active pup.


Choosing the right name for your black Labrador male is an important decision that reflects their individuality and characteristics. Whether you opt for Midnight, Shadow, or any other name from our list, ensure it resonates with your pup’s personality and brings them joy. Remember, a well-chosen name is the first step towards a strong bond with your furry friend!

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